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Measures for Strengthening the Management of Mechanical Equipment

  Do a good job of mechanical equipment mandatory maintenance work. In general, the cause of mechanical equipment failure is caused by overloading of mechanical equipment. We through the oil drilling machinery and equipment failure analysis, found that most of the oil machinery and equipment failure occurs, because usually the equipment maintenance and repair is not enough cause. So we will in the daily team equipment maintenance and repair, so that equipment can be in a good state for a long time; the same time for the mechanical equipment to fully use the preventive maintenance system, the mandatory maintenance of these devices. Modern oil industry machinery and equipment are generally large, and the interdependence between the various modules, once a module problems, will lead to other systems can not function properly, so we must use modern science and technology, these devices Predictive fault maintenance, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing maintenance costs.
  In this case,
  And strive to create a strong technical team of professionals. Competition in the modern society, in the final analysis is the talent competition, only to win the talent competition in order to gain a place in the market for our oil drilling industry should also strive to develop a number of highly skilled professional team, regularly with some The potential of the technical staff to send out, so that these personnel to learn other outstanding units of advanced technology, come back and then pass on to other staff, so you can more quickly build a group of highly skilled professional skills team; We should do a good job of education and training of machinery and equipment operators, according to the characteristics of their own units to develop a reasonable teaching plan, make full use of the theory of combining practice, to adopt decentralized teaching methods, hierarchical professional and technical training; Training and technical post competition and other activities to enhance the enthusiasm of the operator delving into the technology; the last to do a good job of mechanical equipment maintenance team building, through the unit from the training, the introduction of medium professionals and other methods to improve the oil field maintenance technology, Of the maintenance operations, improve the operation of machinery and equipment vitality.
  In this case,
  Strengthen the supervision of maintenance accessories. At present, due to oil drilling machinery and equipment repair parts gradually enter the market, driven by the interests of lead to some unqualified parts into the market, the performance of these accessories simply can not meet the requirements, once the use of these accessories on the oil drilling machinery and equipment Maintenance, equipment will cause incalculable loss, so our parts management personnel must be on the storage of the quality of maintenance parts management, to the responsibility to the people, each batch of storage accessories must be active to be investigated, From the source to prevent the occurrence of mechanical equipment failure.
  In this case,
  Safety management of oil drilling machinery and equipment, to achieve safety in production. At present, China‘s oil drilling and mining enterprises for the safety management is extremely strict, which is for the sake of their own interests, different oil companies and other industries, with difficult to manage and deal with unexpected characteristics such as slow their own, so usually necessary Good safety management, and oil enterprise safety management is an important factor for the management of machinery and equipment, and only do a good job of these safety management of machinery and equipment in order to protect the safety of other aspects of the smooth conduct. So how do the safety management of machinery and equipment do? The first is to implement safety equipment within the enterprise responsibility system, the use of the relevant mechanical equipment to do the registration work, clear the responsibilities of various workers and various departments, once the equipment failure, to be able to find the relevant person in charge the first time; The preparation of safety operation manual, to strengthen the safety awareness of the operator; the last is to require the operator to be familiar with the operation of the technical performance of equipment and structure of the principle, but also clear some simple equipment fault handling. Only by doing more than a few, in order to achieve the safety management of machinery and equipment and production safety.